Setup Private Lessons in Under 30 Minutes!

May 8, 2015 Dan Drum

Setup Private Lessons in Under 30 Minutes!

Every pool out there should be running private lessons. Allowing the driven kids out there to improve their skills and coaches to extend what they love to do and generate extra revenue!

TULessons is Free*! Setting up private lessons is quick and easy. Here is your guide to getting it done in under 30 minutes. This is the quickest route so many areas have been skipped, but not required for a basic Private Lessons program. If your TULessons platform is not turned on please click the button below to email TeamUnify and we will turn it on.


The TULessons Platform is designed to work from Left to Right and we will take you through all the necessary steps to setup your own private lessons:


The Private Lessons Program Needs Information on (click to skip to this section):

  1. System
  2. Program
  3. SubProgram
  4. Curriculum
  5. Instructor
  6. Location
  7. Map
  8. Zone CoA
  9. and Classes


This is the quickest route so a few areas of a full lessons program setup have been skipped, so let's cover the basics for setting up a Private Lessons program:

General Lessons Setup:

Team Admin > Lessons Admin > Edit


Fill in the appropriate general Lessons System Edit's (note: the fields with red asterisks are required)

  • Most of these fields are straight-forward and are forward facing items which you can choose to show or hide based on your teams audience and desires. We are going to set this up with simple and mostly hidden fields for Private Swim Lessons.
  •  We want to ensure payment at registration so we are choosing to go with Credit Cards Accepted and no Discounts or Coupons. This requires TeamUnify Online Payment Processing. 


Next add any information you might want to share or waivers you may need signed. Use each tab Title Page, Agmt 1-5, Success, Email Promo >then make sure to Save Changes.


Private Lessons Setup:

Now that we have the basics set up, let's set up your Private Lesson.

Team Admin > Lessons Admin > Program (Tab)

  • Add New and name it Private Lessons.


  • Save Changes


SubProg (Tab):

  • Add New


  • Put in Instructors name as the title and associate this with the Private Lessons program.
  • Becuase we are setting up a private lesson turn all toggles to "NO"
  • Save Changes


Curriculum (Tab):

  • Add New


  • Create new Curriculum called Private Lessons
  • Save Changes


Session (Tab):

  • Skip it!


Instructor (Tab):

  • Add New


  • Add your instructors names and contact info
  • Save Changes


Location (Tab):

  • Add New


  • Add appropriate Pool Location
  • Save Changes


Name Map (Tab):

  • Add New


  • Add appropriate Pool Location
  • Save Changes


Name and Street Address Zone (Tab):

  • Add New


  • Name your pool zone name Pool
  • Save Changes


CoA (Tab):

  • Add New


  • Name it Private Lessons
  • Save Changes


Classes Setup:

Finally Navigate to the Classes (Tab):

  • Lastly go to Team Admin > Lessons Admin > Classes (Tab) > Add New


  • Fill out the Information Input Above (Asterisks show required fields):
    • Class Title: Private Lessons
    • Status: ON
    • Sub Program: Instructors Name/Sub-Program Name
    • Curriculum: Private Lessons
    • Location: Pool Name
    • Map: Pool Location
    • Pool Zone: Pool
    • Class Start/End: Your Start and End Date
    • Display Starting: Current Date
    • Open for Registration: Today's Date
    • Class Length: Your class length
    • Registration Fee Per Class: Don't Use, No Chart of Accounts is needed
    • Class Fee (per Participant): $ Class Fee and chose Private Lessons for CoA


  • Input 99999 for Slot Limit and then select the instructors name from the drop down menu for all days in which the instructor has time to give a private lesson. Leave the time blank, but in the Class Description section place "The instructor will reach out to you after the registration is complete to line up a specific day and time that works for both parties".



All Finished:

Make minor adjustments, navigate to the Students tab to sign up your first private swim lesson to fit your swim lesson needs and don't forget to Save Changes. Any swimmer in your system/Account/Member Admin is automatically in your Students area, just Add New and Pick their account. Once Setup you can test the settings before you launch it publicly. Here is a guide to how to Test the Lessons System in our Knowledgebase.


There you go, Private Swim Lessons Setup in Less Than 30 Minutes!


If you need additional resources on our TULessons System visit our knowledgebase on TULessons. Also here is a QuickStart Guide and Lessons Video Tutorials for a more detailed setup of TULessons.


(*TULessons is free of charge with your current TeamUnify site, if you would like a separate public facing site for your TULessons charges will apply.)

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