Revolutionary Social Sharing Tools Available Today!

Revolutionary Social Sharing Tools Available Today!

Athletes spend over 95% of their time with your swim team at practice. These are memorable experiences, growth opportunities, and team fun that is mostly forgotten about and often left at practice. Later, when Mom and Dad show up and ask, “How was practice today?” the answer they seem to get is, “Fine.”

All of your coaching effort and time spent together bundled up in one word, “Fine.” Let’s help you bridge that gap at the end of practice and turn “Fine” into “Phenomenal” by sharing those memories with your families and engaging them like never before.

TeamUnify is proud to announce the launch of TeamFeed. A private social network and social sharing tool for swim teams built specifically to bridge this gap.

TeamFeed has been great at connecting our team, and we've had more traffic on our website. It's easier than ever to share updates and accomplishments. Thanks, TeamUnify!
- Josh Gregory, Stingray Swim Team

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You’ve got memories and we want to help you share them. Social sharing is HUGE, but not every parent is following you team on or even a part of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. That is why we developed the perfect private social network that puts you in control of your team’s content.

TeamFeed has been a great internal tool for our staff to share the fun things and info that happens in the team environment. We really enjoy that all platforms can be used and be a part of the experience for our program.
— Steve Hanson, Northglenn Fusion Swim Club

Not every roster group needs to see every other groups’ pictures and posts, and not every post should be visible to the public. TeamFeed allow you to not only share privately within the TeamUnify ecosystem, but it comes supercharged with the ability to post to social media. Create once...and let TeamFeed publish your story everywhere! Create a post and then share it to your TeamFeed, team’s Facebook page, or Twitter account without any extra clicks. Saving you time and effort.

For the parents, it is a simple way for us to give them some insight on what their swimmers are doing in practice. Share video, share the workout sets or even simply share a picture of their kids smiling. We have gotten great feedback from our parents, especially those using OnDeck.
— Rob Bond, Glenbrook Aquatics

We are taking the launch of TeamFeed up another level. We are giving away an all expenses paid trip for two to the Golden Goggles Awards in Los Angeles this year. All you have to do is have your team activate and post to TeamFeed 10 times between October 9th, 2017 and October 23rd, 2017. That is just the start, there are plenty of other ways to earn more tickets and other prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners. Learn more about the contest here.

Win a trip to Golden Goggles

TeamFeed is already helping teams stay more connected, more engaged, more social than ever before without taking more time. If you are interested in taking your team sharing to the next level, sign up for SwimOffice Pro today to access these tools and make team sharing easier than ever.

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