TeamUnify 2016 Fundraising in Review [Infographic]

Feb 3, 2017 Andrew Herr

TeamUnify 2016 Fundraising in Review [Infographic]


Wow, is all we can say. In 2016, teams reached an all new gross money raised with the TeamUnify TUMoney platform, a staggering $7.1 million in fundraising events and $5,351,312 with USA Swimming Foundation Swim-A-Thons. TeamUnify teams have raised over $28,000,000 using the TUMoney platform since its inception. TUMoney is the only technology platform designed and partnered with USA Swimming to run a USA Swimming Foundation branded fundraising event. This really is an incredible fundraising tool!

It is a huge amount of money raised all in the name of swimming to help grow the sport. We want to thank all of the teams who participated in this event throughout the year and congratulate them on their success.

If you would like more information on the TUMoney fundraising platform follow the link below to learn more. Fundraising has never been so easy!

Run Your Own Swim-A-Thon

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