Press Release: TeamUnify Selected as Preferred Vendor for YMCA of the USA

May 20, 2014 Tom Fristoe

Press Release: TeamUnify Selected as Preferred Vendor for YMCA of the USA


TeamUnify will power the National YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving website and regional websites.

TeamUnify, the leading provider of swim team management software, has been selected as the Preferred Vendor for the YMCA of the USA, a supporter of more than 1,600 swim teams across the USA. The partnership will improve team communication, swim times and records management, as well as swim meet and event management. Additionally, the TeamUnify system will enable coaches and parents to easily access information via any device at any time.

As the technology provider to National YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving, TeamUnify software will deliver communication and information sharing capabilities. This will help YMCA swimming and diving teams to realize operational efficiencies in reporting, communications, and swim meet management. Nearly one million team administrators, parents, and swimmers within the YMCA network will benefit from new online tools and mobile applications to accomplish tasks and access information anytime.

“TeamUnify’s rapidly growing presence and popularity with 200+ of our current YMCA swim teams successfully using their technology platform made them the obvious choice.” said Jim Weaton, National Director of Events of YMCA of the USA. “However, their decade-long track record in developing simple-to-use technology and thought leadership for the sport of swimming bolstered our confidence in TeamUnify even further.”

“TeamUnify was founded to help swim teams be efficient – to help coaches and volunteers spend more time interacting with their team, and less time on administrative tasks. This was a promise our founders made to each other, and one that we deliver to our customers every day,” said Tom Fristoe, CEO of TeamUnify. “TeamUnify is proud to be chosen as a Preferred Vendor for the National YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving. We are excited to bring the capabilities of TeamUnify to power the National Governing YMCA Swimming website and group websites, and connect the entire YMCA swim team ecosystem.”

“As a user, I have been impressed with TeamUnify's user-friendly platform and their extraordinary level of responsiveness to questions and suggestions,” said Meredith Griffin, Staff Development Coordinator of YMCA of Broward County, FL and the National Coordinator for Aquatic Competitive Group Reps for the YMCA of the USA. “I am very excited about the communication and coordination opportunities that will come from our use of TeamUnify on a national YMCA level. It will be a great service to local YMCAs, coaches, swimmers and parents.”

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