Technology Helps Seasonal Swim Teams

Apr 16, 2015 Tom Fristoe

Technology Helps Seasonal Swim Teams

Is your team still using manual sign up sheets and email for meet entries & job sign up? Do you track swimmer information on multiple email databases and store rosters in excel? Do you have a financial software for billing and a different platform hosting your team website? You are not alone and there is a more efficient & effective way to run a swim team…


TeamUnify technology already helps thousands of administrators and coaches to run their swim teams more efficiently with less effort. Our team management software will save time, improve communication, and reduce paperwork, here’s how:

Online Registration

  • Parents create accounts, register athletes, and pay online
  • Save time by reducing paperwork and limiting data entry
  • Improve reporting by having all the correct data and rosters online in one place


  • Instant and personalized communication through a centralized system
  • Send emails and SMS (Text) messages to parents with ease
  • Automate email delivery

Online Meet Declarations and Entries

  • Eliminate paper sign up sheets, forms and email declaration
  • Allows multiple coaches to enter swimmers at the same time from different locations
  • Easily communicate with only the swimmers/families going to the meet
  • Quick swimmer entry from your mobile device

Volunteer Management

  • Allow families to sign-up online or from their mobile device
  • Set automatic reminders of upcoming jobs, so no one forgets
  • Manage and track job sign ups from your mobile device
  • Seamlessly track volunteer requirements


SwimOffice has proven itself over and over again, to thousands of swim teams, delivering unrivaled performance at managing the complex tasks your team faces. We promise it will save you time and simplify the way you manage your swim team.


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