The Best Way to Collect Your Swim Team's Dues and Fees

The Best Way to Collect Your Swim Team's Dues and Fees

Managing finances for your team can be hard enough, but throw in collecting payments (especially if a parent is your friend and late paying), dealing with bounced checks, running back-and-forth to the bank, and using lots of disconnected systems to manage it all and what do you get? Billing headaches, a mountain of uncollected funds, and tons of extra hours of work. For those who also wear other hats like coaching and managing volunteers, this is downright overwhelming.


How to collect these dues and fees?

We know it is hard to act as an accounting/collections firm (and who really wants to?). Late night calls and emails to your swim parents trying to collect outstanding dues are never easy. Instead, why not try TeamUnify's SwimOffice billing system with TUPayments

This is a great way to supercharge your team's billing to create efficiencies and begin eliminating outstanding debt. The first step is to set up a fee structure that automatically invoices accounts for the correct amount each month. Then, with TUPayments, require a payment type (credit card or ACH bank draft) to be on file for each Account. This increases both convenience for families and your team's cash-flow with charges collected on the 1st of each month.CC-processing-2

In your SwimOffice system with TUPayments, parents can keep a credit card on file. This can then be automatically be charged for dues, meet fees, travel expenses, team apparel and more. What is even better is that you can leverage the online registration system and TUPayments to capture payment information, securely, for future charges.

With TUPayments, you will also have the ability to restrict meet entries to only allow Accounts with an ACH or CC on file to attend. You also have the ability to automatically charge a swimmer's account for any fees right on the pool deck with OnDeck (like a new swim cap). The system even allows you as a team administrator to remove the option to pay by check, keeping all your payments streamlined.

The SwimOffice billing system really is a great way to run your swim team's finances. To learn more about keeping your cash-flow steady and how to use the TUPayments system to its full potential, read our Want to Be the Treasurer of the Year blog post where we explain some of the great ways to get your account receivables down to zero. 


What are the benefits?

On average, swim team administrators save 15-20 hours a month when they move to the billing system with TUPayments. Once invoices go out, electronic payments are automatically charged on the 1st of each month, and the money is deposited directly into your team's bank account and payments are automatically recorded back into the system.

Other benefits include:

  • No more chasing down people for money, collecting checks, posting payments, making trips to the bank
  • Increased cash flow on the 1st of every month
  • Increased convenience for your families
  • A dramatic reduction in account receivables
  • Up-to-date billing accuracy and reporting
  • Security knowing TeamUnify is PCI 3.0 compliant


Is TeamUnify billing right for you?

Over 70% of our billing customers are currently utilizing payment processing. We understand that each and every team has their own needs, costs, and budget that they need to take into account. We are here to help you run your swim team, large and small, effectively. Adding TUPayments will keep your cash-flow positive and up-to-date. 


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