The Future of MainSet is Bright, Check Out What is Coming Soon!

Mar 30, 2016 Andrew Herr

The Future of MainSet is Bright, Check Out What is Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce new web application features are coming to MainSet! The MainSet web application will soon include lightning fast workout writing with an all new visual designer, a comprehensive & customizable reporting suite, and a new practice and workout calendar and toolkit. The MainSet mobile application will also be updated with a new test set timer for a more powerful, fast and informative test set experience. 

New Web App Features - Workouts | Reports | Calendar

MainSet has coaches fired up! With three months of active users, thousands of workouts written, tens of thousands of sets and more video views than we can count, coaches are seeing the massive benefits of MainSet. It doesn't just stop there—with this new toolkit coaches are inspiring swimmers to perform and engage at all new levels. 


As you can see our coaches and users are loving MainSet and we have received great feedback on how to make MainSet even better. Here is what we are cooking up!

Workout Writing with the Revolutionary Visual Designer


The MainSet mobile application has revolutionized how coaches access workout information on deck. However, there is still a time and a place for writing workouts on a desktop or laptop computer. We have designed and built a one-of-a-kind interactive workout writer and visualizer that will have you writing better workouts in minutes. This new feature is unbelievably fast, incredibly visual, remarkably capable, and will knock your workout writing socks off.

Comprehensive & Customizable Reporting


Coming soon to MainSet is the ability to explore all the great reporting you have in MainSet on your laptop or desktop. Enhancements include the ability to export reports, communicate with the swimmers, and breakdown swimmer performance in an all new way. Introduce your swimmers to new inspiration with this new feature, allowing swimmers to see precisely where they have been. It is this historical context that empowers your swimmers to visualize their workouts and accomplishments.

Stunning Practice and Workout Calendar

web app practice calendar

New MainSet Calendar and Scheduling Management on the Web Application. Beautiful and easy to manage, this new addition will enable coaches to create, edit and share calendars from their office or home computer. Get ready for the most advanced calendaring tool ever created for swim teams. Its power is its simplicity. 

More Powerful Test Set Timing


MainSet's mobile test set timing tools are a proven game changer for swim coaches. Coming soon are improvements to assigning and adjusting lanes, locally storing unsaved test set results and dramatically improved visual feedback.

These updates are just the beginning. As the MainSet community grows we will continue to provide updates based on real coaches and real feedback. We cannot wait to see how coaches and swimmers will continue to use and grow with MainSet.

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