The New Meet Entries Commitment Log Keeps You In The Know

May 20, 2016 Randy Dod

The New Meet Entries Commitment Log Keeps You In The Know

In a meet's new Commitment Log tab, any admin can see exactly who made changes to meet entries, what the changes were and when. The following activities are posted in the Commitment Log per event:

  • Athlete committed or declined to attend meet
  • Athlete added or removed from event #
  • Athlete approved, rejected or cleared from event #
  • Athlete unattached or attached
  • Event file generated

Note: This log is only visible on TouchPad or .ev3 events to admins who are Email/Print/Calendar, Webmaster or a Superuser.

Now if there are any questions about who entered a child into a meet or certain events, the log will show the changes made in a searchable, editable and customizable log much like your current Account/Member Admin area. It does not show every possible change that can happen, such as entering a time manually or committing to a relay, but this will log most changes made by admins and non-admins.


To access your event Commitment Log:

  1. Go to your Events page.
  2. Click Edit Commitment below desired meet.
  3. Click Committed Athletes tab.
  4. Click Commitment Log tab.

Commitment Log

See our Meet Entries: View Commitment Log of changes made article for more info.

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