The Westport Water Rats Join the Craziness

Dec 1, 2015 Andrew Herr

The Westport Water Rats Join the Craziness

Swim Across America and TeamUnify had a crazy dream. We wanted to connect the swimming community to join, compete, share, and rally around a great cause. With this vision we came up with something brand new - the virtual meet we call the Crazy Big Swim

With the Crazy Big Swim we set out on a swim journey and with enough participation we hope to break a Guinness World Record. What's even bigger is that the money raised through the $25 entry fee will go toward helping childhood cancer research at St. Jude's. This year we invited USA Swimming Swim Teams using the TeamUnify SwimOffice software to join us in this craziness. Teams like the Westport Water Rats joined our event to have fun swimming fast, share in friendly competition and do it all for a great cause. We even had a few Olympians join in - Alex Meyer, Eric Vendt, and Kristy Kowal.



Unlike a traditional meet, teams and swimmers across the nation can join together to compete while swimming from their home pool. Once they have completed their local swim meet they then submit their times to one cloud-based meet database. All possible because of meet management software, TouchPad. Once submitted, their times are memorialized online for everyone to see on the Results page of the Crazy Big Swim website. Both team participation and amount raised are rewarded.

Participating teams will earn tickets based on the total percentage of team participation and total dollars raised by each team. At the conclusion of the Crazy Big Swim event TeamUnify will randomly draw three unique teams to earn a private appearance from one of the following Olympians: Matt McLean, Chloe Sutton, or Andrew Gemmell. Learn more about what participating teams can win here!

Teams across the nation have joined in the fight against cancer and have helped to make a difference raising huge amounts of money. Here are a few who joined us:

These teams are not only helping to help break a world record, but are changing the face of the swimming community by rallying around this virtual meet, all to raise money to fight cancer. Due to the increased interest in the Crazy Big Swim we have opened the meet to teams until December 31st, 2015. A big THANK YOU to all teams who have joined us in this event! If you are a year round team using the TeamUnify system and you would like to join us before the end of the year please click the button below and request a new meet invite. Thank you to all who have and who will join us in this journey.

Let's Crush Cancer


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