As September approaches it's time to start preparing for next season, be it creating your team's next online registration and training new board members, or implementing new policies and purchasing the latest workout equipment. Change is never easy, but it can really help teams to grow. This year, we want to help you implement the team management changes that are proven to help your team's finances to stay in the black. 

I am a part of this great group online, the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange, where coaches throughout the swim industry share ideas, stories, photos, articles and more. It is really great stuff.

Recently, a coach asked if any YMCA coaches had linked TU's online payment processing with their front desk facility management software, like DAXKO. More specifically, this coach wanted to be able to charge for meet fees using the TeamUnify system and wanted to know how other YMCAs have done it. I joined in on the conversation and want to share what I learned.

Mar 22, 2017 Liz Fizer

Did you know that your team can utilize TeamUnify's Billing and Invoicing system for FREE?

Do you bill the meet fees for your team? If you do, make sure you read this blog! TeamUnify has released an all new way to generate and bill your meet fees in one simple to use interface that you are going to love.

Jan 3, 2017 Andrew Herr

This Fall we started a great new contest here at TeamUnify. Teams who had fulfilled three requirements by December 31st, 2016 would have their teams automatically entered to win a GoPro setup for the team.

–Carol MacDougall, Rockingham Area Youth Swim Team

A Little History on the Stingrays

When I took over the team in April 2015, I quickly realized I had to go back to September of 2014 and bill all of the meet fees for the entire '14-'15 short course season. Nothing had been collected. We had to bill over $8,000.00 in outstanding fees to our members and of that we had to write off about $900.00 as bad debt

When TeamUnify released the updated the Account/Member Admin System we not only changed the face of the system, but we reinvented how you interact with your Accounts' and Members' billing information. This includes the ability to filter your Member and Account landscape like never before.

Mar 18, 2016 Andrew Herr

We are proud to announce an all new Credit Card and ACH system in SwimOffice called Payment Manager, available March 22nd. With Payment Manager your team’s payment process is easier to use and more flexible and secure than ever before. Watch the video below to get an overview of the new features.

Jan 22, 2016 Andrew Herr

Collecting payments can be one of the most difficult tasks facing team administrators. Between chasing down parents, finding time to record payments and taking them to the bank, it's a time-consuming job. That's why thousands of TeamUnify teams have chosen to power their billing systems with TUPayments

Every day administrators and coaches are working with the TeamUnify billing system to effectively and efficiently run and manage their team's billing. One of our administrators from Lakeside Aquatics in Texas shared with us how she has taken control of her team's billing using our online payment processing system, TUPayments, and we wanted to share these helpful tips.