Managing finances for your team can be hard enough, but throw in collecting payments (especially if a parent is your friend and late paying), dealing with bounced checks, running back-and-forth to the bank, and using lots of disconnected systems to manage it all and what do you get?


Jill Stewart Chairman, Tidewater Aquatic Club


I am so impressed with TeamUnify!

Recently, we’ve needed their assistance to help us set up our new registration for the year, billing help and some questions we’ve had with OnDeck.

The ultimate goal of any Treasurer is to keep your accounts receivables down as close to zero as possible. Your Aging Report allows you to see any accounts with past due balances

Every swim team knows that collecting account balances can be a huge challenge. Delinquent payments and large outstanding balances drastically affect your team's cash flow

Apr 6, 2015 TeamUnify

August is one of the busiest months of the year here at TeamUnify. Registrations are coming into full swing across the country, and many teams like yours are activating the recurring billing system.  To put this into perspective,

TULessons has lots of great options for running a successful lesson program and because we love automation, we pumped the lessons module full of it!

SwimOffice by TeamUnify has powerful billing features creating efficiencies for both families and your swim team. Quickly and easily charge meet fees from all accounts with a credit card on file in only 4 simple steps on any day at any time.

May 5, 2014 Dan Drum

For all TeamUnify teams on the SwimOffice platform, the billing system is there for both administrators and families to make sure that the financial side of things are on track. This allows teams to focus on the competitive side of the sport and not get hung up on the billing. Hazel Torrez with Whittier Aquatic Club in Whittier, CA realized this could provide tremendous benefit and attended a live billing Webinar to learn more about this feature. After a successful overview Webinar, a few questions came up.