As September approaches it's time to start preparing for next season, be it creating your team's next online registration and training new board members, or implementing new policies and purchasing the latest workout equipment. Change is never easy, but it can really help teams to grow. This year, we want to help you implement the team management changes that are proven to help your team's finances to stay in the black. 

TeamUnify knows how important your registration is to your team's success. If you haven't had time to look into this year's upcoming registration, it may be time to begin. Let's walk through six useful tips and tricks to make your next registration more successful than ever before.

–Mark Crouch, Chief Coach Aquabears Swimming Club of Rochdale

As a club we have now been using the TeamUnify web site and team management for about a year and it has made club administration and communication a lot easier and more effective.

Did you know that there are three main account statuses you can use for your Accounts based on their current team membership? Each of these unique statuses allow you, as the administrator, to set accounts to receive or not receive things like emails, recurring fees, meet results, invoices and much more.

OnDeck gives TeamUnify customers extraordinary power to access their team's information anywhere. One of the most highly utilized features is attendance taking and reporting. With OnDeck, coaches have the ability to quickly access, record, and report attendance per swimmer by roster group or by location.

Outside aesthetic updates to your team site, there are a few things you can do to bolster your online image. Today we will cover how to personalize your site with a custom URL; we refer to it as a team-branded URL or domain.

When TeamUnify released the updated the Account/Member Admin System we not only changed the face of the system, but we reinvented how you interact with your Accounts' and Members' billing information. This includes the ability to filter your Member and Account landscape like never before.

One of the biggest changes in a swimmer’s career is transferring teams. This can be stressful both physically and emotionally. With this change comes another big challenge—correctly navigating through all the necessary athlete transfer paperwork for USA Swimming.

Team reports can really help administrators and coaches to stay on top of many aspects of their team management. From top times reporting and registration sign ups, to billing information and meet entry reports. Over the last year we have updated a few reports that we think your team will find really handy.

Every day administrators and coaches are working with the TeamUnify billing system to effectively and efficiently run and manage their team's billing. One of our administrators from Lakeside Aquatics in Texas shared with us how she has taken control of her team's billing using our online payment processing system, TUPayments, and we wanted to share these helpful tips.