A/B/C/D/E Meets Now Possible!

TouchPad, TeamUnify's meet management software, has always had the ability to create meets with up to three levels of cut times. But what if you needed more than that? Moreover, what if you wanted to be able to easily use certain standards over and over? You now have the ability to not only create unlimited cuts, but to import and export them from meet to meet as well with the most recent update to TouchPad.

Managing swim meets is changing - for the better! TouchPad has revolutionized the way swim meets are run. Built upon a proven platform, utilizing the

The Stingray Swim Team faced several challenges late last year.

  • They were having issues receiving the meet entry files in the correct format, and

Running a swim meet as a computer operator and/or an administrative official is a challenge. With all of the distractions around you, it is highly recommended that you are a

SwimOffice by TeamUnify has powerful billing features creating efficiencies for both families and your swim team. Quickly and easily charge meet fees from all accounts with a credit card on file in only 4 simple steps on any day at any time.

Doing positive checkins on the day of the meet can be very labor intensive and hard to organize. TeamUnify has created a set of tools to streamline this process: TouchPad, our revolutionary meet management system, and OnDeck Coach and Parent, our powerful mobile apps.

The host of the meet can designate any non-admin parent(s) on the host team to help with checkins using their Parent OnDeck app. The meet host only needs to login to OnDeck Coach and go to the meet.

I have been working with Adam Ritchie of B&CC YMCA South Jersey Aquatic Club since August of 2013. He has run several meets with TouchPad meet management software and absolutely loves it so far. Having worked with different meet management software in the past, he felt TouchPad was incredibly user friendly.