We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of launching an all-new CMS (content management system) for our customers to upgrade to. It will improve the TeamUnify website design, business tools and user experience for all administrators, coaches and families associated with your swim club.

The all new mobile relay builder is here. A powerful new way to build and manage all of your meet entries from one place no matter where you go. We have redesigned it to be faster than ever with new abilities to add new relay teams, auto-build relays, add alternates, drag & drop athletes between legs & even relay teams, and much, much more.

Last week, the four USA Swimming Foundation Swim-A-Thon Gold Medal Clubs were announced and now it's time to announce the winner of the USA Swimming Foundation Swim-A-Thon Contest! Over 550 teams hosted a USA Swimming Foundation Swim-A-Thon in 2017, raising almost $7 million in fundraising dollars.

Another year in the books and we are seeing more and more money raised per fundraiser. In 2017 the average USA Swimming Foundation Swim-A-Thon run on the TeamUnify system raised $11,150! What could your club do with an extra 11k?

Because of each team's efforts, in 2017 we reached an all new high total of Swim-A-Thon dollars raised—a staggering $5,537,971! In total, TeamUnify teams have raised over $29,400,000 using the TeamUnify Fundraising Platform since its inception.

Dec 21, 2017 Andrew Herr

USA Swimming's Club Excellence program recognizes USA Swimming organizations with high-performing athletes 18 years and younger. Then based on points, they rank these teams and categorize them into Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers. For the fourth year running, Nation's Capital takes top honors.

We are completely twitterpated here at TeamUnify. OnDeck for iOS and Android have just launched the ability to post to Twitter from TeamFeed. No longer will you need to login, type, attach and post your messaging on multiple mediums. With TeamFeed, your team communication can be published to all the important places right from OnDeck. Send messaging and updates to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OnDeck's TeamFeed and your Team Site all from one location, saving you time and making social sharing easier than ever.

We have some exciting news for all you Instagram lovers out there. OnDeck for iOS has just launched the ability to post to Instagram from TeamFeed. That means you can post to your team’s website, Facebook, and Instagram, all from one place.

In August, we launched a brand new portal connection for your team to the new home of youth sports at SportsEngine.com. When families search for youth sports programs for their child, this sports directory gives them a list of teams in over 20 sports in their area. And, we want to help your team rank higher!

We have streamlined the way you produce relay entries and entries by event. Let’s take a brief walk through the enhancements you will find in SwimOffice.

Want to help the swimming world become stronger? Please take a moment to read this post.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected and displaced by this unprecedented run of storms this fall. As many of you know, the system of hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Florida have had a devastating impact. The loss of houses, pets, personal items and even lives is intangible.