We have occasionally seen teams use the same online registration running for years, trying to decrease the workload required to start a new one each year. Some administrators have deleted all the registrations from the previous year to keep the same one going, however, there is a better way and it's actaully less work!

In August, we launched a brand new portal connection for your team to the new home of youth sports at SportsEngine.com. When families search for youth sports programs for their child, this sports directory gives them a list of teams in over 20 sports in their area. And, we want to help your team rank higher!

As September approaches it's time to start preparing for next season, be it creating your team's next online registration and training new board members, or implementing new policies and purchasing the latest workout equipment. Change is never easy, but it can really help teams to grow. This year, we want to help you implement the team management changes that are proven to help your team's finances to stay in the black. 

TeamUnify knows how important your registration is to your team's success. If you haven't had time to look into this year's upcoming registration, it may be time to begin. Let's walk through six useful tips and tricks to make your next registration more successful than ever before.

Highly requested, your team's next online registration is about to get even better with a brand new look and...wait for it...it is now mobile optimized! With an ever growing mobile user base, TeamUnify is here to help you to retain and grow your team with a more streamlined and accessible way for families to register for your team.

–Sue Ashworth, Club Treasurer Maxwell Swim Club

Sold The Moment I Saw It

We have had TU up and running in Maxwell Swim Club for over a year now - but after one month we could already see just how many benefits it brought and will continue to bring to our club.

As Treasurer, I was sold on TU from the moment I saw it. My enthusiasm was shared by our Head Coach as she felt it would give her a visibility on her squads that we had never had before.

TeamUnify's online registration is one of the best ways to generate revenue, increase membership, and best of all streamline your team sign ups. Doesn't it sound great to never again hand enter swimmer packets at the beginning of the season?

Athlete registrations are essential to your team, and our goal here at TeamUnify is to make this process easy as possible for both team Administrators and Parents.

- Sherie MacGregor of Diablo Aquatics

It had been a good week, busy and productive. It was Friday and about an hour until the work day ended. As always, Friday afternoon I hear Derek, one of our team representatives, closing the day strong. Sure enough he comes over to my desk asking if I have enough time for one last setup.

Are you collecting USA Swimming registration information on a paper form or in a registration packet? You may know how easy it is to submit USA Swimming registration information within SwimOffice. This feature saves you a bunch of time when registering USA Swimming swimmers, but if you do not have all the information you will submit an incomplete file to your LSC. With TeamUnify's Online Registration system you can easily gather USA Swimming registration information to complete those files.