If you have returning accounts that still owe or that have a credit for volunteering or overpaying from last season, here’s a valuable tip for your team. 

Your registration system is a critical part of your team, and being notified when you have new registrations helps keep you organized and connected. Have your notifications instantly emailed to select email addresses or

Teams are adopting the online registration process at an exciting rate. With that in mind, we recently added the ability to collect all the information that is needed for the USA Swimming registration process directly in online registration. By activating this feature for your team, you will automatically create a more complete registration package to deliver to your LSC. This will minimize the effort for you as an administrator. 

Registration can be one of the most hectic times of year, however by leveraging Online Registration your program can streamline this process.

The summer swim season is now well underway. Swim team registration has been completed, volunteer positions filled and swimsuits ordered. The temperatures have warmed up and swim meets are already happening.

Swim teams that have alternative payment options (other than check/charge) have been pleasantly surprised with one of TeamUnify’s latest features, Custom Payment Options. TeamUnify's new custom payment option cuts down on confusion from the families and allows the team to streamline the invoicing process. Country Club teams are now able to combine the custom payment field with