For USA Swimming teams out there, the TeamUnify platform has gotten a little bit sweeter with some recent updates that make batch registration smoother, compliance with a specific USA Swimming standard a lot more efficient, and make available a new form of USA Swimming membership. These feature releases include:

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of launching an all-new CMS (content management system) for our customers to upgrade to. It will improve the TeamUnify website design, business tools and user experience for all administrators, coaches and families associated with your swim club.

We are proud to announce that you can now add, edit and delete TeamFeed posts directly from your team's website!

The all new mobile relay builder is here. A powerful new way to build and manage all of your meet entries from one place no matter where you go. We have redesigned it to be faster than ever with new abilities to add new relay teams, auto-build relays, add alternates, drag & drop athletes between legs & even relay teams, and much, much more.

Great news for all those teams using the top times reports. There are two new features that will help you organize top times. First, you can now select and view results by multiple meet types and second, you can now simplify your top times reports by combining and converting course lengths into one report.

It's that day your swimmer has been training for all year and dreaming about all week. The horn blows, the race begins, and Johnny is off to the races. It's the 400 free! He touches the wall and looks back at his time, he swam a 4:43.53. He jumps out and asks you, "What are my splits?"

Unless you have an expensive stopwatch you won't know until results are posted. BUT, did you know that OnDeck, the mobile application you already use to access your swim team's info, has a way to time races and even post unofficial times the whole team can see? Best of all, it just got a big facelift and we want to show you around.

We are completely twitterpated here at TeamUnify. OnDeck for iOS and Android have just launched the ability to post to Twitter from TeamFeed. No longer will you need to login, type, attach and post your messaging on multiple mediums. With TeamFeed, your team communication can be published to all the important places right from OnDeck. Send messaging and updates to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OnDeck's TeamFeed and your Team Site all from one location, saving you time and making social sharing easier than ever.

We have some exciting news for all you Instagram lovers out there. OnDeck for iOS has just launched the ability to post to Instagram from TeamFeed. That means you can post to your team’s website, Facebook, and Instagram, all from one place.

As you might have discovered in your OnDeck application or on your team site, TeamFeed is now live for SwimOffice Pro customers! The first week has been crazy. With over 1,000 posts already created and shared, we can't wait to see how teams will take this new social sharing platform to new heights. 

Athletes spend over 95% of their time with your swim team at practice. These are memorable experiences, growth opportunities, and team fun that is mostly forgotten about and often left at practice. Later, when Mom and Dad show up and ask, “How was practice today?” the answer they seem to get is, “Fine.”