We are excited to announce that TULessons has received a brand new registration interface. Now more intuitive than ever, this new user experience will help streamline your sign up process while helping your team capture more registrations. Simplified and optimized for mobile devices, families will now be able to find, filter and sign up for your lessons programs with ease on any device.

Announcing the next big thing for your team! TeamUnify is about to release a brand new communication hub for your team and we call it ScrapBook and TeamFeed.

Do you bill the meet fees for your team? If you do, make sure you read this blog! TeamUnify has released an all new way to generate and bill your meet fees in one simple to use interface that you are going to love.

MainSet’s video producer is one of the most highly utilized features inside MainSet’s powerful coaching toolkit. Until now, there has never been a quick way to capture and share your team's swim meet videos. With the most recent release, we are proud to announce that MainSet now has a lightning fast way to record and tag videos at swim meets!

TeamUnify has always taken your feedback seriously. That is why we created the Feature Request Forums. A place for you, the user, to share features and improvements you want to see inside the TeamUnify system. We have taken hundreds of suggestions and thousands of votes and turned them into real software for our users with each and every release.

TeamUnify is excited to announce that OnDeck, the most powerful mobile swim team management application in existence, has been reinvented!

Years in the making, OnDeck 4.0 is in a league of its own. From the elegant and simple-to-use user interface and robust feature-set, OnDeck will supercharge your team's management performance. Saving administrators a massive amount of time while doing it.

As coaches have grown to write workouts in MainSet on the daily, we discovered they do not need to save every edited workout or each set when they make small variations. We also learned that coaches want to be able to add a single swim to a workout rather than creating a whole set. We have listened and are pleased to announce these updates are now live in MainSet v1.0.6 as well as some other great updates including a massive performance update to the Practice Calendar. We hope you enjoy! Here is a list of the major updates you will find.

In a meet's new Commitment Log tab, any admin can see exactly who made changes to meet entries, what the changes were and when. The following activities are posted in the Commitment Log per event:

One of the biggest changes in a swimmer’s career is transferring teams. This can be stressful both physically and emotionally. With this change comes another big challenge—correctly navigating through all the necessary athlete transfer paperwork for USA Swimming.

Team reports can really help administrators and coaches to stay on top of many aspects of their team management. From top times reporting and registration sign ups, to billing information and meet entry reports. Over the last year we have updated a few reports that we think your team will find really handy.