–Mark Crouch, Chief Coach Aquabears Swimming Club of Rochdale

As a club we have now been using the TeamUnify web site and team management for about a year and it has made club administration and communication a lot easier and more effective.

–Chris Ross, Chairman Wycombe District Swimming Club

History on Wycombe Swimming Club

Wycombe District Swimming Club, based in High Wycombe, UK, originally formed in the 1930’s, is now a large swimming club with approximately 500 swimming members, ranging from our youngest swimmers in Stroke Improvers from age 6 to our Masters section with our oldest swimmer aged 75.

–Carol MacDougall, Rockingham Area Youth Swim Team

A Little History on the Stingrays

When I took over the team in April 2015, I quickly realized I had to go back to September of 2014 and bill all of the meet fees for the entire '14-'15 short course season. Nothing had been collected. We had to bill over $8,000.00 in outstanding fees to our members and of that we had to write off about $900.00 as bad debt

–Sue Ashworth, Club Treasurer Maxwell Swim Club

Sold The Moment I Saw It

We have had TU up and running in Maxwell Swim Club for over a year now - but after one month we could already see just how many benefits it brought and will continue to bring to our club.

As Treasurer, I was sold on TU from the moment I saw it. My enthusiasm was shared by our Head Coach as she felt it would give her a visibility on her squads that we had never had before.

Brian Wingert, Assistant Coach Wichita Swim Club


Wichita Swim Club did very well in their team Swim-A-Thon, raising a total of $30,153.92 using the TUMoney platform! The team had 109 out of 222 swimmers participate; that is $277 raised per participating swimmer.

Every day administrators and coaches are working with the TeamUnify billing system to effectively and efficiently run and manage their team's billing. One of our administrators from Lakeside Aquatics in Texas shared with us how she has taken control of her team's billing using our online payment processing system, TUPayments, and we wanted to share these helpful tips. 


Jill Stewart Chairman, Tidewater Aquatic Club


I am so impressed with TeamUnify!

Recently, we’ve needed their assistance to help us set up our new registration for the year, billing help and some questions we’ve had with OnDeck.

- Sherie MacGregor of Diablo Aquatics

It had been a good week, busy and productive. It was Friday and about an hour until the work day ended. As always, Friday afternoon I hear Derek, one of our team representatives, closing the day strong. Sure enough he comes over to my desk asking if I have enough time for one last setup.

- Ron Kozinski of the Peoria Area Water Wizards

We have completed our Swim-A-Thon and it was a huge success for us. Using TUMoney for the Swim-A-Thon helped us surpass our goal and every expectation we had!

- Todd  Pfeiffer of the Heritage Hills Recreation Club

When we signed up for TeamUnify we wanted a software that would help manage our swim team, but we didn’t realize it would also help us to manage the entire Heritage Hills Recreation Club