Creating jobs and filling them has never been easier with TeamUnify’s job module.  You will get prefilled job templates, email templates, the ability to find families who have not signed up for a job, and a whole lot more.  

The other day I overheard a colleague, who is a volunteer on a swim team talking about how she convinced the Head Coach to let her use the Online Job Signup system within SwimOffice by TeamUnify.

TeamUnify’s sole mission as a business is to help aquatics programs, mainly swim teams, improve how they run and operate their business. Our primary customers are non-profit organization run by parent volunteers with very little processes in place, several islands of information and computer software that does not like to talk nicely to each other. TeamUnify can help you manage your swim team FAR better!

Checking in volunteers for a meet can be a logistical nightmare.  What if someone doesn’t show up? How do you quickly fill that job?  Don’t worry TeamUnify has the answer.  Using the job signup system in your team's SwimOffice Website and the manage jobs functionality in the OnDeck application will make this whole process seem like a breeze.