The Stingray Swim Team Transformed Their Meets with TouchPad

The Stingray Swim Team Transformed Their Meets with TouchPad

The Stingray Swim Team faced several challenges late last year.

  • They were having issues receiving the meet entry files in the correct format, and in a timely fashion
  • Teams would sometimes send/receive the wrong file which included incorrect information
  • Organizing their reports in a variety of ways was difficult and time consuming
  • Getting results sent out right after the meet often took days waiting for the host to send the results file.

Sound Familiar?

Josh Gregory, the Head Coach of the Stingray Swim Team in Fairbanks, Alaska decided to do something about it. The team gave TouchPad a try in October 2013, and transformed their swim meets for good.

"TouchPad worked great. With TeamUnify, we are able to solve our problems and more. I switched to TouchPad for several reasons, but a primary issue was that I was not always receiving accurate meet entry files.  I wanted to make things easier and hoped the other teams would follow my lead. TouchPad has made communication between teams easier by syncing rather than sending files.

With TouchPad, you sync, and results go out within hours to the swimmers who want them as quick as possible. It's also nice that TouchPad is directly connected to our TeamUnify site, so everyone can follow the live results on TouchPad Live rather than download the Meet Mobile App. 

With a little bit of training and familiarity, TouchPad is more efficient than other platforms, and TeamUnify's support is second to none. We look forward to our next home meet, where our swimmers are fast and our meet runs smoothly now with TouchPad. We will be using it for all our meets in the future. Thank you again for all your help!"

TouchPad lets swim teams manage meets with ease

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