TU Testimonial: Teaching Others to Be Great Coaches

Jul 13, 2016 Tim LaRoche

TU Testimonial: Teaching Others to Be Great Coaches


We are loving MainSet! My staff is very young and eager to learn and try it out. 

Jenna PurkeyI have a new coach on my middle 10-and-under group this season. He is doing a great job, but was struggling with his technique sets. They were pretty random and not achieving any real adaptations. By checking out what the other (senior) staff were doing in their workouts he was able to see some progression and application of drills moving toward swimming.

MainSet has given them the opportunity to check out what our more experienced coaches are doing with their athletes and has opened communication about how those coaching techniques apply to their swimmers.


Jenna Purkey
Head Coach, COM Aquatics

COM Aquatics | Midland, Texas

COM Aquatics Swim Team provides a safe and enjoyable environment where all swimmers have the opportunity to develop personal discipline and integrity. They share and instill passion for swimming while developing the athletes' internal motivation to reach their full potential in and out of the pool.

COM Aquatics has been a part of the TeamUnify family since 2009 and has over 230 active team members. Since the team adopted MainSet, they have written 344 workouts and 836 sets. As a team, they have written a total of 1,196,507 yards in MainSet!

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