Easily Adjust Balances with TULessons

Mar 4, 2015 Andrew Herr

Easily Adjust Balances with TULessons

Building upon the foundations of the successful TULessons program, we have added a great new feature to the Lessons Admin system. This feature allows Lessons Administrators to add a New Charge/Credit to an individual account or as a bulk selection.

As the TULessons platform is adopted by more and more swim teams, we want to give you the flexibility your lessons program needs to grow. We are eager to see how administrators take full advantage of this new system. Some of the ways we see administrators using this system include:

  • Correct inaccurate class charges
  • Ability to adjust payments for lessons cancellations
  • Help with correcting bounced-checks/payments
  • Receive payments or write-off accounts/families who leave early
  • Add price reductions for scholarships
  • Credit an account that may have missed a lesson for a family emergency

With the added flexibility to add charges or credits, we are here to help you to continue to grow your lessons program. Program administrators can use this functionality to spend less time administrating, more time promoting and most importantly generating revenue for their program. In most cases the lessons program acts as a feeder program for a competitive swim team. 

90% of my team has come from our lessons program. The team wouldn't exist without our lessons program, Lessons are critical to our team's development.

Jorge Blasini | Piranhas

Here at TeamUnify we get exuberant over watching swim teams grow, like The Kingsport Piranhas. If you have a lessons program and a competitive swim team and you are not using TULessons, it may be time to learn more about TULessons. Don't just take it from us! Jorge has seen the results, and you will too...read more from Jorge's story.

If you’d like to arrange a demonstration, please email info@teamunify.com or call (888) 326-8643


To add a Lessons Credit or Charge:

1. Go to Team Admin > Lessons AdminAccnts/Revenue
2. Select the account(s) you would like to add a charge/credit to 
3. Click the New Charge/Credit



4. Fill in the fields with Description, COA, and Charge/Credit amount
5. Save Changes and that's it!



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