TUPayments 101: Make Your Team Administrator Job Easier With This One Email

Jan 22, 2016 Andrew Herr

TUPayments 101: Make Your Team Administrator Job Easier With This One Email

Collecting payments can be one of the most difficult tasks facing team administrators. Between chasing down parents, finding time to record payments and taking them to the bank, it's a time-consuming job. That's why thousands of TeamUnify teams have chosen to power their billing systems with TUPayments


TUPayments allows team administrators to automatically bill and capture monthly dues & meet fees, create on demand payments, and increase their team's overall payment accuracy. However, like with any new process, it takes some time to catch on with parents. If you have TUPayments/C&H Financial Services activated on your TeamUnify system, we want to help you optimize the way you collect your team payments. 

The number one way to make your team administrator job easier is to encourage your parents to put their credit cards on file by sending the AutoPay Instructions Email! Having up-to-date account, billing, and credit card information will streamline your billing system and could drastically reduce your accounts receivables.


Follow these steps to send this helpful email to all your parents:

  • Log into your site and go to the Team Admin > Account/Member Admin section
  • Select all active accounts
  • Click the yellow Communicate button and select Email Autopay Instructions (you can preview this email in this section as well)
  • Click Send

That's it, this one email could save you massive amounts of time collecting your team's dues. If you need more information and tips on how to utilize your TUPayment gateway check out our Startup Guide in TUUniversity.

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