Twitter Sharing Now Available in TeamFeed

Twitter Sharing Now Available in TeamFeed

We are completely twitterpated here at TeamUnify. OnDeck for iOS and Android have just launched the ability to post to Twitter from TeamFeed. No longer will you need to login, type, attach and post your messaging on multiple mediums. With TeamFeed, your team communication can be published to all the important places right from OnDeck. Send messaging and updates to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OnDeck's TeamFeed and your Team Site all from one location, saving you time and making social sharing easier than ever.

Learn More About TeamFeed

To share a post to Twitter, simply open up TeamFeed and begin adding your message, videos, photos and more. Then click the SHARE TO: area and toggle on Twitter sharing. If this is your first time turning it on, you will be prompted to log in to your Twitter account. Twitter does not have business and personal accounts tied together, so make sure to log into the account you plan these posts to come from, most likely your team's Twitter account.

OnDeck Twitter Sharing
OnDeck Share to Settings

Just a quick reminder, you will now find your social sharing setting in a new location. You will see a snapshot of where your post will be shared but we needed to add a new area to manage your share settings. Before you post, you can now tap the SHARE TO: area to adjust your accounts and roster groups. These settings will be saved from post to post, so all you have to do is set them up once and OnDeck will remember it from there on out. 

One other new feature, TeamFeed now sends out push notifications to families who have OnDeck with each new post, getting your team messaging into your families hands quicker than ever. When you create a new feed post your families will receive updates specific to their roster groups and locations selected in your post's SHARE TO: settings.

TeamFeed Push Notifications
OnDeck Push Settings

We also added features to allow parents to control their push notification settings and frequency. In TeamFeed users will now find a bell with a gear on it. If they tap this, they will be taken to their TeamFeed push notification center where they can choose to receive notifications or not, how often, and all feed items or only roster specific.

These are just a few of the great enhancements you will find when using TeamFeed in OnDeck for iOS. TeamFeed comes as a part of the SwimOffice Pro package and gives you access to these great communication tools, coaching tools, unlimited video sharing and custom branding for your team. We hope you enjoy this new functionality. Make sure you update to the most recent version of OnDeck in the Apple App Store or Android Play Store to access Twitter sharing!

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