Update to TouchPad Version 2.16 to Access These Great New Features

Update to TouchPad Version 2.16 to Access These Great New Features

We've added several new exciting features to TouchPad, TeamUnify's Meet Management Software, including a full access network user, ability to see what award labels have been printed, better scratch/delete/unscratch functionality from Enter Results, and displaying scratched entries on the Scratch Pad in red.

Second Full Access Network User

Previous network users in TouchPad (TP) were designated to specific job duties and permissions, but, at times you may want a secondary user who can do most everything the primary user can (a.k.a. Single User). With the latest release you now can with the Network user #2. To access this, start up TouchPad on a secondary networked computer, then click File > Network Management.

Select Network user #2, then click OK and follow the steps in the subsequent dialogs to connect with the desired meet.

TouchPad Using a Network screen

To ensure only the primary user can sync and make key changes to the TouchPad file, this Network user #2 can ONLY access these five items under the File menu (all others alert you it's not allowed):

  • Export SD3 Meet Results/Entries/SWIMS
  • Merge Data From This Meet
  • Network Management
  • Exit

Also, in the Events screen, this user cannot use the Delete Event button. Otherwise this user can do everything the primary user can.


See What Award Labels Have Been Printed

When you're busy printing award labels, it's easy to forget if you've already printed certain ones. Now the Award Labels dialog has the ability to show which ones you've already printed. You can access this feature two different ways.

  • Enter Results > Setup/Print Award Labels
  • Meet Results > Award Labels

TouchPad Award Labels screen

Check the Show List of Printed Labels check box and then it will display a list of labels already printed below it.


More Robust Scratch/Unscratch Ability from Enter Results

Now when you right click an athlete on the Enter Results screen, it will list all the athlete's events and information.

Scratch and Unscratch in Enter Results

New Features include:    

  • Prelim and Final times are shown (if they exist).
  • Orange button toggles between Select All and Unselect All events.
  • Scratch or Delete selected events. If there is a prelim but not final time, scratching an athlete will scratch the final. This allows you to either keep the swimmer from being seeded in finals, or frees up their lane if they have been previously seeded. If the event is only a prelim or final and was swam, or both a prelim and final and both were swam, you cannot delete nor scratch the event(s).
  • Un-Scratch selected events. This was previously possible only on Scratch Pad by Athlete or Scratch Pad by Event screens.


Scratch Pad Shows Scratched Events in Red

Scratch Pad by Athlete or Scratch Pad by Event screens (accessible from the Seed screen) have received a visual upgrade, scratched rows are now red to clearly display which a scratched event/swimmer.

TouchPad Scratch Pad screen



TouchPad is FREE and Proven Swim Meet Management Software

TouchPad is used by over 1,500 swim teams to successfully run their swim meets. TouchPad has an intuitive and comprehensive feature set with the flexibility to create and run a meet suited to your needs. This meet management software enables coaches, administrators and parents to interact with swim meets with new and unrivaled connectivity. The ability to sync rosters, entries and results directly from your team's and participating team's websites to TouchPad means no more downloading and emailing files. You will find extensive reporting and the ability to display results beautifully on TouchPad Live for free. TouchPad is revolutionizing the way teams are running swim meets.

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