Do You Run Summer Swim Camps? If So, You Need to Look into This One Tool

May 4, 2017 Andrew Herr

Do You Run Summer Swim Camps? If So, You Need to Look into This One Tool

Do you run summer swim camps? If so, you need to look into this one tool that will revolutionize your camp's registration process. TeamUnify's lessons platform, TULessons, has everything you need to get swimmers registered, paid for, and organized for your summer swim camps!

It's Free to TeamUnify Teams

TULessons is free* and a great option to allow participants to sign up for multiple summer camp sessions all in one easy to manage location within your current SwimOffice website. If you have never worked with the TULessons program, check out our blog on the how to "Setup Private Lessons in Under 30 Minutes!" to learn how to set up a basic lesson program.

Once your camp sessions have been created registrants can:

  • Login (if they are current accounts) or create a new user
  • Register online or on a mobile device by selecting one or multiple sessions to attend
  • Pay online in one simple location
  • Or place a camper on a wait list until payment is received

*(Free when used in conjunction with your TeamUnify team's site, separate lessons site have an additional fee)

It's Independent From Your Team Registration

It is easy to add camp curriculum, sessions, locations, a map, even which coaches will be running the camp. All contained in one easy to use location. If you need help setting this up, please send us an email to and ask us for help setting up your summer swim camp.


Best of all if you have TUPayments enabled you can collect money at checkout. No more floating income until parents can bring in checks. All payment information is then saved and available in your SwimOffice suite, ready to be organized, searched, and filtered.

It's a Great Recruiting Tool

Lastly, this platform works well as a recruiting tool because it gets families familiar with your team's site. When a camper is ready to join the team, it is simple to move swimmers from summer camp straight onto your team's roster. Simply click the "Convert to Members" button on the Students tab and their membership information collected with TULessons' registration is then available in your team's Account/Member Admin.

It has never been easier to run your Summer Swim Camp. To learn more about the TULessons platform send us an email at and your team's Customer Success Representative will be in touch soon. Have a great Summer!

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