Video Recording at Swim Meets Made Easy!

Video Recording at Swim Meets Made Easy!

MainSet’s video producer is one of the most highly utilized features inside MainSet’s powerful coaching toolkit. Until now, there has never been a quick way to capture and share your team's swim meet videos. With the most recent release, we are proud to announce that MainSet now has a lightning fast way to record and tag videos at swim meets! MainSet-Swim-Meet-Video-Producer


  • Integrated Event, Lane and Heat Assignment Recognition
  • Quick and Easy Recording and Navigation
  • Effortless Swimmer Tagging
  • Comprehensive and Filterable Event Dashboard
  • Connects To Your Current SwimOffice/TouchPad Meets
  • Upload Videos One at a Time, in Bulk, or Even at a Later Time
  • Background Uploading, Continue to Work While Videos Upload
  • And Much More!

The new video producer for swim meets takes the power of MainSet’s video tagging system and seamlessly connects it to your team’s meet entries from SwimOffice and TouchPad. Not only does it recognize your team’s entries, but it connects them to your swimmers' heat and lane assignments effortlessly!SwimOffice-Meets in MainSet Meet Producer

The new video producer for swim meets is FREE to all MainSet teams. Any coach can easily begin a recording by opening MainSet’s Video Producer, tapping Swim Meet, and selecting their Meet (the meet needs to currently be in progress). It is that easy!

Once inside, the intuitive interface will tell you which swimmers are in the event and heat you are recording. It is also customizable enough to allow you to record just a specific lane or all lanes directly on-screen, tagging the correct swimmer(s). If you need to move to a different event, heat or lane, simply tap the on-screen controls to jump to the correct event, heat or lane. Then tap Record and you are off again capturing great video of your swimmers.

If there are changes to the event, heat or lane assignments, or if you need to add them you can quickly dive into the meet setup. Then, quickly add or adjust the heat and lane assignments from a comprehensive and filterable dashboard. Click Save and you’re back recording in no time!

Once you have completed recording part of or all your meet events simply tap Finish to review. Then edit, trim or upload your videos one by one, bulk or even save to upload at a later time. Once you begin uploading the videos, MainSet’s new video producer will work in the background to push all your videos into the MainSet cloud, so you can keep working or jump to other applications.Swim-Meet-Video-Producer

It has never been easier to connect your videos to swimmers with such little effort. Once your videos have been uploaded to the cloud, they will instantly be available in your swimmers’ MainSet or SwimOffice accounts. Making recording and sharing swim meets FAR better than ever before. If you are not yet a MainSet team, click the link below to get in contact with us to learn more!


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