Volunteer Job Sign-Ups & Management From Overwhelming to Simple

Volunteer Job Sign-Ups & Management From Overwhelming to Simple

TeamUnify’s sole mission as a business is to help aquatics programs, mainly swim teams, improve how they run and operate their business. Our primary customers are non-profit organization run by parent volunteers with very little processes in place, several islands of information and computer software that does not like to talk nicely to each other. TeamUnify can help you manage your swim team FAR better!

For these teams to be successful they are not only run by volunteers but these volunteers need to beg, plead, and beg some more for their team families to volunteer their precious time every season. They are using sign up sheets, emails, bribery and any other tactic to get help. Somehow, the coordinator has to also compile a list of who actually showed up and then credit those hours correctly. Part mayhem and part magic gets the job done but it can cause a great deal of hair loss along the way.

If you have read this far you can either relate to what I have been saying or you are praying you are not the next volunteer coordinator because it sounds like a nightmare...don’t be fooled it is. Staying up late and spending countless hours that go unappreciated to make sure that the next meet has enough volunteers can be agonizingly difficult.

TeamUnify’s SwimOffice web based software and our OnDeck mobile application is designed to save the day for Volunteer Coordinators. With these tools, the above scenario is a thing of the past and being the volunteer coordinator will be easier than you could ever imagine and you’ll be a hero (well maybe). Now your families have the ability to sign up for jobs through their secure personal online account from any computer in the world or even from their free OnDeck mobile application. No more excuses.


OnDeck Parent Swim Team Mobile App

Setting up your jobs is a breeze with templated jobs or even re-using ones you have already created. With the Find Workers robust functionality you can target which families have not signed up for jobs yet and the ones who should receive a gold star. With a click of a button you can even email the appropriate group a message. It doesn’t stop here, though, as the volunteer coordinator you can manage the job signs through our SwimOffice web based software or our OnDeck mobile application. With OnDeck you can send a text message to remind people of their job, check people in for working their job, and a whole lot more in the palm of your hand!


This functionality is just the tip of the iceberg with the Volunteer Job Sign-Up & Tracking functionality. Our software can manage volunteer requirements and connect directly to the powerful invoicing & billing system if your program has a penalty for a family that does not meet their volunteer requirement.


TeamUnify SwimOffice volunteer job administration

You will save anywhere from 4 to 6 hours each event you need volunteers for and your jobs will fill up 3 to 5 times faster because of this functionality. We have had countless teams rave about how they opened up jobs, sent out a notification to their membership and within a couple hours all the jobs are full while the volunteer coordinator is enjoying a glass of wine with their significant other!

This part of the TeamUnify software is worth using just on its own and trust me your volunteer coordinator will shower you with Christmas presents if you give them this power!

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