NEW: MainSet Web Practice Calendar is Now Available

Sep 8, 2016 Tom Fristoe

NEW: MainSet Web Practice Calendar is Now Available

Today MainSet took another big step forward with the release of its all new web-based Practice Calendar. Engineered for simplicity and power, coaches will enjoy managing and planning their practice schedules from the convenience of a desktop or laptop computer.

MainSet's Web Practice Calendar empowers coaches to schedule practices, assign workouts to practices, and manage all facets of your team's practice calendar from the web with unprecedented ease. This is the most powerful calendar ever created for swim coaches.


Designed with features and filters you have come to know and love about TeamUnify products, this calendar is easily personalized. Use powerful filters to set up and save calendar views like practices that need workouts assigned to them, what practices have Test Sets in them, or views by Roster Group, Coaches or Location and so much more. 

Writing workouts and scheduling practices on my laptop is extremely quick. I can tab through and create workouts or use the search and drag-and-drop a workout and set right into the workout or practice. It is unbelievable how fast I get real work done. The new calendar addition is the icing on the cake for I am loving it!

- Don Henshaw | Head Coach | Gulf Coast Swim Team

Web Practice Calendar Features Include:

  • Create practice calendars for all Roster Groups and Locations
  • Elegant and responsive list, week, or month calendars
  • Fast navigation and personalization tools to see and save your favorite view
  • Add/write new workouts into one or more practice(s) with drag-and-drop
  • Intuitive practice creation for singular or repeating schedules
  • Highly Requested: Easily print workouts & calendars
  • Highly Requested: Take attendance for each practice from the web
  • And much more!

MainSet Web Practice Calendar Take Attendance

The new Web Practice Calendar gives you unbridled control over your entire workout schedule. Never has it been easier to manage your team's practice calendar online. Begin creating your practice schedule on your home computer, update with the MainSet application and then assign it to tomorrow's practice, all from the comfort of your office. Check out the MainSet Practice Calendar QuickStart guide to learn more about how to use the new web calendar.

Quick-Start Guide

Your team's practice calendar, more powerful and more accessible no matter where you are. Don't have MainSet? Visit to learn more. 


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