You Parents Will Love the New Design in Meet Entries

You Parents Will Love the New Design in Meet Entries

Swimming is more than a sport. It is a lifestyle of dedication that comes down to one moment. The Race! TeamUnify recognizes this and has added a few new features to enhance meet entries both by Day/Session and by Event, helping your accounts to keep track of what events their swimmers are signed up for. Allowing you to focus less on meet-entry-communication with parents and spend more time helping swimmers prepare and excel in their upcoming races.

Here is what one parent told their team's administrator about the new updates!

I absolutely LOVE the new format on TeamUnify! Picking swim meet events has never been easier and the confirmation email confirming event selections is fantastic! Well done! Love it!

New Athlete Signup Design

When an account signs into your team's site to declare for an event either by Day/Session or by Event, there is a new look and design to the Athlete Signup and Athlete Entries screen. When an account clicks on an athlete's name, they now see a great new tabular design making it super easy for parents to declare their swimmers based on the meet set up. All Days/Sessions are shown in chronological order.



Athlete Signup by Day/Session




Athlete Signup by Event



New Committed Athlete Entries Design

In the Committed Athletes tab for a swim meet when you click an athlete's name, the selected athlete's events for each day and session are now clearly indicated inside a blue header in chronological order.


New Event Declaration Email

Lastly, when you set up an event, new functionality has been added to meet entries allowing you to send a receipt email of declared events to the account. This is super effective, allowing not just admins, but accounts to maintain an email record of their Event and Day/Session declarations.


On your Events page, click [Edit].


Edit event details


Then in the event edit page, in step 3 toggle the Send Declaration Confirmation Emails? to Yes. Then click Save Changes at the bottom.


Add email declaration confirmation


We hope you enjoy the new Meet Entries functionality. If you need any help setting up your meet entries system or at all please contact us by clicking the help question mark in the lower right hand corner of your TeamUnify site.

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